Novograd-Volynskyi is a city on the picturesque rocky banks of the winding Sluch River, and Motherland of famous Lesya Ukrainka.

For us, Novograd-Volyn is interested by a new pharmaceutical company – “Novopharm-Biosynthesis”.

Company specialists often take part in educational events at our University and are interested in young specialists in pharmaceutical manufacturing engineering (by the way, our graduates are successfully working at the enterprise).

Scientists of the Department of Machines and Apparatuses of Food and Pharmaceutical Productions together with this year’s graduates visited Novopharm-Biosynthesis, got acquainted with the production of medical products and received valuable recommendations for improving curricula for future pharmacist engineers.

Specialist for quality Svetlana Gopanchuk and chief engineer Anatolii Chernysh payed attention on the competencies which they expect from our graduates: this is knowledge of standards for the activity of pharmaceutical enterprises, the ability to manage production documentation concisely and clearly, to work with modern graphic design systems. Appreciated at first glance are simple things, such as the ability to pick the right material and create a sketch of a part.

We are ready to take into account the wishes of our colleagues and improve the educational process, and we are grateful for the attention of our delegation and the contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists.

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