In Smila sity at the sugar plant the specialized worker training department was founded on the initiative of its director Mykola Cherikovsky.


At the base of specialized worker training department of Smila sugar plant, Smila Technical School for the specialists in sugar processing productions was founded. The first director of Smila Technical School was Mykola Cherykovskyi, the director of the plant, inventor, founder of scientific direction for sugar processing research.


In the Smila Technical School the training of mechanical engineers of sugar factories was carried out. The Smila Technical School was reformed into the Secondary Chemistry-Technological School , Sugar Industry College, and in 1929 into the Smila Sugar Institute.


On the basis of the Smila Sugar Institute, the Kyiv Institute of Sugar Industry, including the Department, was founded.


The Department started to work in a new Institute building.


To the Kyiv Institute of Sugar Industry mechanical faculties of the Voronizh Chemical and Tecnological Institute of Food Industry, the Bila Tserkva agricultural University, the Poltava Institute of Meat Technology, and also the ferment and alcohol research institutes were joined.

The Department expanded the number of specialties and began to prepare engineer-mechanics for all branches of the food industry. The Department was headed by Oleksandr Kirov, the specialist in the field of processes and equipment for alcohol production, Professor. It was began PhD education program.


In 1938 the Department was renamed by “Machines and Apparatus of Food Productions”.


In 1940 the Department was headed by Glib Znamenskyi, famous scientist, Professor.


Some of the scientists of the Department were called to the army. Some teachers and students worked in evacuation – at first on the basis of the Voronizh Institute of Technology, and later on the basis of the Biysk sugar plant.


The Department returned from the evacuation and was called “Special Equipment”.


Department was headed by Vsevolod Stabnicov, Professor, who is was founder of research direction “Processes and apparatus of Food Productions”. The mass-transfer processes were actively researched.


The Department is headed by Volodymyr Popov, Professor. His main area of scientific research was thermal processes in the apparatus of food production.


The head of the Department is Mykola Buzykin, Professor, who was a talented organizer of the educational process and practice.


The training of engineers for dairy and meat industry was started.


The Department was called “Machines and Apparatus of Food Productions”. The Department was headed by Volodymyr Anistratenko, the Laureate of the State Prize in the Field of Science and Technology, Professor.


For the first time in the Institute the educational television was implemented.


For the first time in the Institute a laboratory of membrane apparatus for the separation of food environments was created at the Department.


The Department of Machines and Apparatus of Food Productions, the first in the Institute, was awarded the title of exemplary.


Training of specialists for the pharmaceutical and microbiological industry was begun.


The Department of Machines and Apparatus of Food Productions is combined with the Department of Machines and Apparatus of Baking, Pasta and Confectionery production.


Volodymyr Anistratenko, Professor and Vitalii Taran, Professor have been awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in the Field of Science and Technology for the publication cycle about alcohol rectification.


Vitaliy Taran, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, honored worker of education of Ukraine headed the Department.


The Department was called “Machines and Apparatus of Food and Pharmaceutical Productions”.


Oleksandr Gavva, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor headed the Department.


The Department expanded the list of specialties and began to train the bachelors and masters in the field of publishing, printing, computer technology of design and production of the packaging.